《Melissa’s English Class Vol.9》Let’s Take Some Risks!


This week the third year junior high school students learned how to write a paragraph by talking about what risks are and whether or not it is good to take them.


Writing is possibly the most important part of learning a new language, as you get to use all the grammar you have learned while improving your vocabulary trying to find the rights words to express yourself. Is also a wonderful resource because when you look back at it, you see concrete evidence of your own progress (which, trust me, is really uplifting when you start feeling that your language acquisition has plateaued after years of study).


Therefore, it is really important to make writing lessons fun and engaging so that students are actually excited about putting their thoughts down on paper.


I started this class by showing some videos that are, unarguably, risky: a group of people skydiving, scuba divers swimming with sharks, and people tasting bugs for the first time. After each video, I asked the class if they’d like to try these things (most of the class seemed adamant about trying bugs!).


Then, I had them work in groups so that they could talk about what a risk is and whether it was good to take them. The idea was to get them to list as many reasons as they could to support their position, and to have them list as many examples as possible. After that, we shared our thoughts as a class.


I was very surprised at what the students considered a risk. There were obvious extreme sports references, but there were also some very niche ones, like surgery and gambling.


Afterwards, I went over some vocabulary that we could use when talking about risks, and over the main parts of a TEA paragraph (Topic sentence, examples, and analysis).


I was happy because the individual groups really tried to think of the risks outside of sports, reshaping my own understanding of the topic. I cannot wait to share their thoughts with you!



Discussing the pros and cons of taking risksリスクを冒すことに賛成か、反対か、ディスカッションしています。

Trying to define what a risk isリスクとは何か、定義をしようとしています。

A group discussing what a risk isグループでリスクとは何かを議論しています。

Helping students with their definition of riskリスクの定義の仕方を教えています。

























































Taking risks is good. It is very exciting and a lot of fun. For example, if you skidive, you will find a lot of beautiful views from the sky, and it is a lot of fun. You have to take a risk, but it will be a very good experience for you. If you travel to other countries, you have to take an airplane. It is a risk. If it falls, you will die. But traveling is very exciting, and you will discover something new in the travel. As I have explained, taking risks is dangerous, but you can discover something new. So I think that taking risks is good. I think that old scientists took risks and found world-wide great discovery. So we must take risks for our progress.