《Melissa’s English Class Vol.7》 How was your school trip?


メリッサ先生の授業で、What was your favorite thing about Seattle? Give me datails!という題で、シアトル修学旅行の感想を書いてもらいました。そのいくつかをご紹介します(英語のみ)。


My host family had twins. They were 13 years old. They were very active. They said to me, “Let’s play tag” many times. Playing tag with them was very fun because they enjoyed chasing me.Then, I played badminton with them. They used some mean ways but I won. One day in the morning, I ate rice with natto. The host mother was Japanese and the father was a Japanese teacher at a middle school, so I talked with them in Japanese sometimes.


I went on the Ferris wheel. It was very big and turned much faster than the Japanese one. It turned three laps, so I got sick. But I could see a beautiful view and sea of Seattle. And I could take a picture with my host family. My host family fave me the picture with a cover of the Ferris wheel, so it was a lot of fun! I want to go to Seattle and meet my host family again. Next time, I want to speak English better than now.


I went hiking in two places with my host family and my friend. At the first place, I was very excited because I saw some horses and touched their noses. At first, I was terrified, but they were gentle. So, I could touch their noses. They huffed. I breathed in the fresh air deeply and enjoyed the sights of nature. At the second place, we went to Lake Washington. We walked around the lake and took a lot of pictures. In the water, we could see some fish. I picked up some shells. We could feel the nature. After that, we ate ice cream. It was very delicious. I enjoyed spending time with my host family.


My favorite thing was spending time with my host family. First day, when I went to my host family’s house, there were strawberries, chocolates and cookies. I love strawberries, so I was glad. They were yummy! I ate chicken at night. They were made by my host mother. They had two tastes: it was lemon and pepper, and BBQ. BBQ was a little spicy, but I liked them. Second day, I went shopping. I bought some presents for my father, mother, sister and friends there. I rode a boat in the evening. The boat went forward at fast speed. It was a lot of fun. On the last day, I went to Red Robin for lunch. I ate a big hamburger and french fries there. They were very delicious. I thought ‘I want to go there again.’ I experienced valuable things and enjoyed this school trip.