≪Melissa’s English Class Vol. 5≫Never Have I Ever…


If you really want to get to know someone, you play ‘Never Have I Ever’. The game, a classic icebreaker for classrooms and parties alike, allows us to learn information about each other that doesn’t generally come up in conversation.

誰かのことを本当に理解したいときは、’Never Have I Ever.’というゲームをします。このゲームは教室やパーティーなどで緊張をほぐすための古典的なゲームとして知られていて、普段の会話では出てこないような、その人についての情報を知ることができます。

It also uses the past participle, making it a really fun, interactive way to teach this specific grammar point to third year junior high school students.


The game consists of saying things that you have never done. For example ‘Never have I ever gone skiing.’ If other people in the group have gone skiing, they lose a point. If no one in the group has, you lose a point. Points are tracked with your hands: you put your hands up, and for each point you lose, you put one finger down. You lose when you have no fingers left.


Playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ with over thirty people was hectic, but it was also really fun for all of us!


First, the students wrote down five to ten things that they have never done, and they played the game in groups of four. Once the individual games ended, we played it as a class.


Everyone stood up, and if they had done something their peers said, they sat down. At one point, a student said ‘I have never played the guitar.’ He eliminated all the students and won that round.


I really liked learning more about my students, and they enjoyed learning about each other. They had an opportunity to use the grammar they had been learning in a real life context, and we all had a lot of fun playing together. I can’t wait to try the game again!


The class learns the rules to’Never Have I Ever’生徒たちは’Never Have I Ever’ゲームのルールを学んでいます。

Have you ever gone skiing?スキーはしたことありますか?

Students playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ゲーム中です。

Playing the game with the entire class. ゲームをクラス全員でやっているところです。

A student writes the things she has never done. 1. I have never seen a UFO. 2. I have never gone to France. 3. I have never played the piano. 4. I have never touched a koala. 5. I have never talked to animals.ある生徒が上記1.~5.のように書いていました。