≪Melissa’s English Class vol.12≫ Should Plastic Straws Be Banned? Students’ Writings!





Products which are made from petroleum are very useful but these have a harmful influence on our environment. You know it is bad and plastic straws are made from petroleum. According to an opinion that I agree with, “Americans use 500 million drinking straws each day. When they are thrown away, they pollute our landfills and oceans.” They absolutely cause pollution. However, some people think they should be banned. People with disabilities, babies, the elderly and so on, certainly need straws, but I think they use already special straws that are made from silicon. People who pollute our environment are healthy persons without trying to take measures against environmental issues. To change their ideas, we should ban plastic straws. If you want to use them, you should use straws that can be used again and again or recycled. If you do not do anything, you can’t change anything. When you do something, you can change something.



We must absolutely ban plastics, not only straws but plastic bags, plastic wrapping and so on for the environment and our future. Plastics are not completely bad, they certainly have some good, for example, people who have disabilities can use them to drink easily. But there is more bad that plastics cause around the world. The problems of plastics are very serious. If we keep using plastic products, we will be unable to live on the earth because of the pollution, and all of animals living on the earth will also be unable to live there. This is the worst situation, of course. In order to save the world, we should ban plastics. Even if it is hard, we must do it. Some think we cannot achieve it, but it is wrong. Believe the word, “Yes, we can.”



I don’t think we should use plastics because it is troublesome for organisms. I will explain three reasons to you. First, plastic can’t burn. If we burn it, it breaks out into a toxic gas. Second, plastic damages the environment. It is a big problem. Now, we keep throwing away plastic. I think the earth will be full of plastic if we keep doing it. Finally, it damages the ecosystem. For example, the turtle! It is stuffed up with a plastic straw. I was appalled by the information. I think we should use other things. For example, pasta straws, cookie straws, and so on. So should plastic straws be banned? Can we really do it?- “Yes, we can.”



I can’t find the merit of banning plastic straws. I think we need to find good alternatives to plastic like Maria’s opinion, but it’s so difficult and we need a long time. Josh said steel and paper straws are good alternatives, but I don’t think so. He wants to save the sea, fish, turtles and son on, but I think that if we change plastic to steel and paper, it won’t decrease garbage in the sea because people who throw away straws in the sea won’t stop doing it if they change plastic to steel and paper. The sea will become more unclean than now. And steel straws need a high cost when they are produced, and they are expensive. But plastic straws can be reused and recycled. When I learned about recycling, I saw a picture of T-shirts made from plastic. That’s very nice. We should do anything to decrease garbage in the sea until we find good alternatives.



I strongly object to the plan which is banning plastic straws. The plan is bad for our environment. For example, when we make paper straws, we use a lot of energy. Is it really good for the environment? I don’t think so because we must use a lot of energy trying to do something good for the environment. Then, we can recycle plastic easily in Japan. In the near future, technology will make progress, and people in foreign countries will also be able to recycle plastic easily. For example, plastics can be changed into T-shirts. But we can’t recycle used papers. Used papers are dumped in a waste disposal site. Also, we can reuse plastic straws so we can use it many times. If some people throw them away in the ocean, it is bad for marine animals, so we should warn them. Then, they stop doing it, and the environment will be saved. Plastics are cheap because, as mentioned above, plastic products use less energy. It is good for our money. So plastic straws shouldn’t be banned. Using plastic straws is good.



Plastic straws should not be banned because many people need them to drink easily, we haven’t found any definite alternatives yet, and we can be careful to use, recycle, and reuse them. Many people use them because they are very useful, so we can’t stop using them. In addition, the disabled need them to live. If plastic straws are banned, their lives will be hard. Some people say that we should use straws made of other materials, for example paper, plants and so on, but we need a lot of energy and materials to make those straws. It’s not good for the environment, either. Then, we can reuse and recycle them. When we use straws, we throw them out after one time. We mustn’t do that. We must use them many times. In Japan, we recycle them for other products, for example clothes, plastic bottles and so on. Other countries around the world must do that like Japan. People should make a better place for the environment.



(1) A strong introductory sentence

(2) A clearly stated opinion

(3) Evidence from the text

(4) Examples to support the eveidence

(5) A counterargument

(6) A strong conclusion

(7) Use varied vocabulary

(8) Write clearly and concisely

(9) Use varied sentence structures

(10) Write about 120 words