≪Melissa’s English Class Vol. 6≫About American Cities Project 2


We finished our American cities project! In preparation for the class trip to Seattle, we spent three class periods researching and putting together presentations on Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


We all learned so much from each presentation, including fun facts, well-known places, and food–my favorite part. Each group emphasized different things about each city. For example, the group working on New York talked a lot about the famous places that can be seen in the New York skyline, while the students working on New Orleans talked a lot about Cajun and Creole cuisine.


When doing their presentations, students paid very close attention to detail to make sure everyone understood. Since I am from America, I use Fahrenheit, not Celsius, to talk about temperature, and many groups included both measures on their presentations when talking about the weather. I was very grateful for this!


Seattle’s famous gum wall is a alley full of chewing gum stuck on the wall シアトルで有名なガムでいっぱいの小路「ガムウォール」の写真です。(生徒らは全員実際に行って見てきましたよ!)

I was really happy with each presentation, and I was really amused by the class reactions when a new, interesting fact was revealed about a city. In Particular, it was really funny to hear so many students gasp in unison upon learning about Seattle’s infamous Gum Wall which, despite its vibrancy, the students just found gross and unsanitary. 


The best part about this project, though, was seeing how confident everyone was when doing their presentations. When I started working with them, they were very shy and did not feel comfortable speaking in English, but for these presentations, they really were very sure of themselves! 


Thank you for your hard work, and have fun in Seattle!


Helping students finalize their presentationsプレゼン総仕上げのお手伝い中です。

Students talking about the weather in Los Angeles生徒らはロサンゼルスの天気について話しています。

A student talks about avocados in Los Angeles生徒がロスのアボカドについて話しています。

‘Thank you for listening!’ A group concludes a presentation about Miami「ご清聴ありがとうございます。」マイアミのプレゼンを締めくくりました。

Introducing New Orleans on a map: many people don’t realize just how big the US is, so I made sure everyone was able to point at their city on a map!地図でニューオーリンズの場所を示しています。多くの生徒がアメリカの大きさに気づいていないので、みんながどこにその都市があるかがわかるようにしなさいと指示しました。

A student explains what makes Bostonian lobster famousなぜボストンのロブスターが有名かを説明しています。

A student talks about the famous Bean in Chicagoシカゴの有名な豆(のオブジェ)について話しています。

A student searches for pictures for her presentation生徒はプレゼンで使う写真をiPadで探しています。