≪Melissa’s English Class Vol. 3≫Let’s Learn How To Count in English!


While many students learn these things in elementary school, it is important to review them to make sure that all students are at the same level before delving into the more complicated grammar structures.


This week, the first year junior high school students learned how to count in English. I have never been good at math, but I have a lot of fun teaching numbers because they are a really good way to practice pronunciation (the ‘th’ sound is always really interesting to teach!), and I get to play Snakes and Ladders.


The rules are very simple: each player rolls a dice and  move around the game board with a paper clip.ルールはとってもシンプル。プレーヤーはさいころを振ってクリップで作ったコマを進めていくだけです。

If you land at the bottom of a ladder, you get to climb it, but if you lang on the head of a snake, you fall down. In addition to the original rules of the game, I incorporate numbers in each box so that no matter where the player lands, he or she will have to add, subtract, or read numbers in English. 


In groups of four, students took turns rolling dice, climbing ladders, and sliding down the snakes while saying numbers in English. The classroom came alive as the dice hit the tables, the numbers were yelled out loud, and students laughed and rejoiced (or complained) depending on where they landed. How many liked the game? I saw the genuine effort they were making to speak in  English.


When, playing a game in smaller groups, students get to help each other with pronunciation are having fun, they are no longer preoccupied with possibly making mistakes while speaking, and grammar, and I have a chance to check on individual progress.


More importantly, I like to use games and other fun activities to create a dynamic and didactic environment where students feel comfortable speaking to me and each other, asking questions, and where they can enjoy themselves and have fun.


Snakes and Ladders is a really fun game and you can have many different topics in it. You should give it a try!



Explain the rules of the game. ゲームのルールを説明中!

Students reading the numbers of snakes and ladders「スネーク&ラダー」プレイ中。数字を発音しています。

A student moves his paper clip around the game board.生徒がコマであるクリップを進めています。

Teaching a group the rules of the gameこのグループの生徒たちにルールを教えています。


Students learning how to say plus, minus, times, and divided by.足す、引く、かける、割るの言い方を学んでいます。

Students learning how to pronounce and write numbers in English英語での数の言い方と書き方を学んでいます。