≪中学≫『英語でクッキング “Cooking in English”』を実施しました


4月21日(土)、本校7F調理実習室にて『英語でクッキング “Cooking in English”』を実施しました。

It’s Saturday afternoon and the home economics classroom is alive: electric mixers clunk against glass bowls where whipped cream is being made, and knives slide against cutting boards as carrots and potatoes are diced. The boiling pots of water make the room hot, but they do not keep the students and teachers from talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves in this year’s Cooking in English event. 


Every year, Shukutoku Sugamo Junior High School invites students to Cooking in English , a special class where students learn to make simple recipes in English. This year Jason and I (okay, mostly Jason) were the instructors, and, as a special surprise, Christi came and helped the 24 participating students cook.


Jason and Christi also teach English, but, unlike me, they are actually adept in the kitchen. Jason is from London, England, and Christi is from New York, USA. Together, we had a great time teaching everyone how to make shepherd’s pie and strawberry shortcake.


We started by making dessert, my very easy variant of strawberry shortcake that involves whipped cream and a store-bought cake known in Japanese as ‘tamago mushi pan’ (steamed cake). It is a simple recipe, but everyone was able to add their own creative touches, making each cake unique.


Next, Jason taught us how to make shepherd’s pie, a traditional British dish. Jason’s version of the dish included a layer of ground beef with diced carrots and onions, and a layer of mashed potatoes and cream on top. After the pies were baked cooled down, they were garnished with fresh tomatoes. As they cooked, many students told me that everything smelled really good.


With events like Cooking in English , Shukutoku Sugamo Junior High School is always creating opportunities for students to use English in fun, dynamic, non-traditional classroom environments. Dicing and preparing everything took a long time, but it was a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to bond. Many teachers, including our principal, Mr. Unoki, spent some time cooking and chatting in the classroom.  I started working with this group of students when they were in were in their first year of junior high school, and they were very shy. Now they are in their third (and last!) year, and I was so happy to see how confident they were cooking and and speaking in English! 


Our Saturday afternoon was a blast. Once we finally sat down to eat, we finished everything on our plates, making this one of the most successful Cookin in English events we have held.



Say cheese! Jason, the students, and me after we finished eating our pies and cakes. 「ハイチーズ」ジェイソン先生、生徒のみんな、そして私、みんなで食後に集合写真を撮りました。

Our principal, Mr. Unoki, giving cooking tips to a student. Fun fact: Mr. Unoki is actually a very talented cook! 夘木校長先生が生徒に料理のコツを伝授しています。興味深い事実ですが、実は校長先生、お料理がとってもお上手なんですよ。

A finished shepherd’s pie シェパーズ・パイのできあがり~!

This group’s shortcake looks like an adorable rabbit! このグループが作ったケーキはまるでかわいいうさぎみたい。

Mr. Sekine, one of the homeroom teachers for the third year students, watches them as they make shortcake. 中3の担任の先生の一人である関根先生がケーキ作りを見学に来てくれました。

Christi helps students with their mashed potatoes and cream. クリスティ先生がマッシュポテト作りのお手伝い

Jason watches students assemble their shortcakes. ケーキが上手く重なるかなとジェイソン先生がチェック!

Me explaining how to assemble the strawberry shortcake.ケーキ作りを私が説明しているところです。

Jason demonstrates how to slice tomatoes to garnish the pie. ジェイソン先生がトマトのスライスの仕方とパイへの盛り付け方を説明しています。

Jason helps students assemble the pie. ジェイソン先生「水と油を切って盛り付けて」とコツを実践しながら教えています。

Students learning how to make strawberry shortcake. イチゴのケーキ作りを学んでいるところです。


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